Artist’s Statement

When people ask what my medium is, they tend to imagine landscapes — or other flora, fauna, portraits — subjects and styles of typical pastel paintings.  Although I was trained in traditional portraiture and greatly value the skills I learned, the traditional formalism, rules and elitism left me feeling constricted.

My departure started with iconic symbolism, but I came back to portraits — just not in the traditional way.  After over 10 years of research on prenatal/neonatal/infant/child psychology and brain development, then child trauma, I began an exploration of the inner self.  My surrealistic portraits reveal expressions of feelings and experiences that are not typically shown to the outside world.

My goal is to initiate a conversation between the viewer and the subject in the painting on the level of the psyche.

My work falls into the category of Remodernism, which advocates the search for truth, knowledge and meaning, and challenges formalism.  It endeavors to promote vision, authenticity and self-expression, with an emphasis on painting.

Remodernism Manifesto


I  began my professional art career after 10 years in advertising where I juggled roles as graphic artist, copy writer, art director, artists’ rep, and account executive.  I studied ceramics and jewelry while working as a faux-finisher for an interior designer.

From there, I began creating raku jewelry and became active in the ceramics community — participating in juried shows and selling my work in galleries, museum shops, and boutiques.  After 2 years of success, I was parted from my kiln and workshop.

Undaunted, I turned to painting.  I currently show selected works both independently and at various shows and galleries in the Downtown Phoenix Art Community.  Although not arriving on the scene as a painter until my mid-forties, my work has made its way into several private collections as well as corporate headquarters from utilities to medical,  law to software.


Colorado Women’s College, Denver, CO
– Design, Psychology

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
– Architecture/Design, Psychology
– Graduate Drawing with Peter Busa

Rio Salado Community College, Phoenix, AZ
– Jewelrymaking, Ceramics

Visual Arts Center, Phoenix, AZ
– Ceramics with Lois Gress Neal
– Pastel Painting with Cathy McCormick
– Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain

Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ
– Ceramic Jewelry workshop

Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ
– Public Art Workshop, team creation

Scottsdale Artists’ School, Scottsdale, AZ
– Portraiture in oils with Phil Beck
– Portraiture in pastels with Harley Brown



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