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2 responses to “Rist Fine Art

  • Louise

    Hi Julie
    I actually found your article on adopted babies trama. I studied psychology and am still continuing to do so. I wasnt adopted but my mom left my dad when I was 18 mos and I remained with my father’s family. Because laws in Croatia divided children between parents after the divorce I continued living with my father and his family. My aunt, my fahter’s sister was always there for me and in a way I always thought of her as my mom. Her and I always had a better bond later in life. Seven years later my father decided to leave for Australia and my mom freaked out. She was always visiting me but my father’s family always watched us so she doesnt kidnap me. She found out that father wanted to take me to Australia so she came and got me. This time father didnt resist because he would be better off alone in a new country. I hated it in my mother’s family and never really adjusted. I became angry and rebelious and hit kids and tortured them mentally too. Even to this day I still think of my dead aunt more than I do of my mother who is 89. I have to support her now she has nothing. Imagine that ! She left me but now she phones and cries that she needs money. I wish that my aunt is still alive she was a great lady. She was educated and studied French too. She always wanted me to study French but I never had a chance till I turned 49. So I took all the courses required for a French major at a university. She would be proud of me now. So you see even separation like this causes trauma and screws up the way someone relates to people in a relationship. I am very insecure when dating men.
    Where do you live ? I wanted to print out the article but I needed an approval from you. There was no email address there to ask for approval.
    Yours truly Louise

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